Carrot art

Mary Wambui.

In Thailand,fruits and vegetable carving is considered a traditional art. The Thai’s are very artistic and they have a deep appreciation for beauty. Decoration, garnishing and the proper use of dishes is a great matter of consideration. just as the food is important, plate presentation is important too.
Fruit and vegetable carving is usually taught to children at an early age especially the girls. Carrot carving is one of the mostly practised artwork.For instance,carving a carrot leaf is one of the basics. All you need is two large carrots, a sharp knife and a carving knife.
The following are steps that guide one when carving a leaf out of a carrot:
1. Wash the carrots thoroughly and then cut them into 3 inch length.
2. Cut each lengthwise into a quarter inch slice and trim each slice to the shape of a leaf.
3. With the tip of a knife, cut 2 shallow grooves down the centre of the slice to for the midrib of a leaf.
4. Along the edges, cut wide spaced notches to form the teeth.
5. Cut shallow grooves to form the ribs of the leaf, working from the base up to the tip. After following this procedure, the result should be a carrot leaf carving.
Refrigerate the carrot leaf until when you need to present them. This ensures that they look fresh.


Eats and beats.

Mary Wambui


Food festivals are not an everyday thing, you don’t get to taste, appreciate and enjoy different types of food from different cultures or rather counties, as you listen to various bands entertaining you together with your friends.
That is why different chefs from the Asian world have come together and organized for the Pan Asian food festival, to take you on a tantalizing journey of the flavours of Asia.
Come all and celebrate delectable moments at the Pan Asian food festival, from the 4th all the way to the 13nth of December. The event will be commencing at 7:00 pm and and at 10:30 pm at The Rooftop Grill Lounge.
Course meals on display will be soups, Thai lemon grass prawns, Konjee crispy lamb, Shanghai chicken rolls, Miso tenderloin, Teriyaki glazed chicken, Malaysian chicken curry and broth, Stir fried pak Choi  served with seasonal greens, Street chicken satay, Rice and noodles and much more varieties of dessert.
Welcome all and have a piece of fabulous food,live music and great family fun time.

The Throwback

Jesca Kinoti



An opportunity knocks once at every door, that is what they say, but allow me to differ. This opportunity is one that you will never forget, it will ring in your head over and over making the experience present. The Cultural Galore gives you an opportunity to dress in your traditional attire, take pictures of the same and get to experience and learn about other cultures too.
You do not have to pay to interact, entry is absolutely free. Lunch will be offered from different cultures.
There will be performances; traditional dances, songs, poems, proverbs and (throwback) story-telling . Get to learn the way of life back then. Bring along your grandparents and remind them how it was back them, trust me they will have fun.
We will all bond to make Kenya a better place for you and I. Let us embrace our cultural heritage. Miss out, miss an experience of a lifetime.

Music meets Art.

Ruth Wamuyu.



Bigger and better it is.The annual Marangi Festival invites you to the 2016 edition.The Marangi Festival is an electronic dance music festival  that incorporates the element of colour powders from the Indian Festival “Holi” combined with modern electronic dance music showcased by both International and Local artists.
This year the Marangi Festival will be happening at the Legend Gardens in Karen,on the 26th of November  from 1000hrs to 1900hrs.We are very much humbled to be hosting DJ Muyu all the way from Hollywood CA,Maroon5 and Mafikizolo.We will also host our very own Sautisol, Avril,Bahati and Wyre.15 Kenyan DJs also will be present.
We will celebrate and promote the diversity of Kenya and indeed the city of Nairobi by producing a music festival of international standards.At this point race or colour cannot be determined and all those in attendance will come together as one.We view  this festival as a true nation building experience.Make sure you purchase your advanced tickets from the selected outlets only:7D cinemas TRM,Arcadia Hazina Towers and Game  City.The standard ticket goes for 800/= which includes one packet of powder of your choice.Gate charges is 1000/= inclusive of the powder.
Don’t miss being part of the Marangi Festival.

Downfall of marriage tradition

Nancy Rugendoimg-20161123-wa0015

An old African saying says, ‘A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers’. Come all and watch the latest play on marriage tradition. The marriage between a man and a woman is a special celebration as it is a rite of passage in the African traditional society. Marriage depicts continuation of life.  However, all over Africa traditional weddings are dying away with the introduction of the western culture.

A bride in Africa plays a special role as she is the link between ancestors and the unborn. In some communities of East and South Africa the grooms move to brides home to create a happy family.

There is a lot of richness in Traditional African Weddings that Africans should not kill just because the western culture seems better. If I ask, how many parents in Kenya even know how their traditional weddings are conducted?  What of their children and the future generation? Some will call me Mekatilili others will say I’m old fashioned but I can tell you for a fact ‘Mwacha mila si mutmwa’

Dress To Redress


Jesca Kinoti

It is a world where women or ladies to be precise are more targeted in the dress code. Recently we had an issue of women being undressed by men by what they call provocative dress code, but the question is, where do the men lay on the same? Is it exposing themselves too much that brings a lot of complication or are they triggered by emotions?
Ladies can not dress in what they want anymore because they fear being left out in the community. On the other side, men dress freely on what they want anywhere anytime.
What can be done about the same? Is it having a standard dressing code for all or should men just close their eyes and pretend that they can not see anything that goes on. Or, should ladies just dress covering their bodies and forget about ‘freedom to dress?’ All this is left unanswered.